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Q3 2023 Project Update

October 12, 2023

Over the last quarter, Ashbury Terraces has seen significant progress.

The team successfully achieved several vital milestones for the project, encompassing the completion of bulk excavation and piling works, enabling the team to pour over 70% of the ground floor slab.

These undertakings represent a pivotal phase in the construction process, forming the sturdy foundation for the Ashbury Terraces development. The seamless completion of the bulk excavation and piling works underscores the team’s unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering a project of exceptional quality, all within the established timeline.

As we look ahead, the team’s focus will shift towards erecting the structural framework of each building, commencing with the installation of essential utilities. Additionally, over the next quarter, the team will turn its attention to the meticulous design of each building’s façade.

Our close collaboration with the architectural and engineering teams has been instrumental in sustaining the project’s momentum and ensuring that every facet of the development adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. We are grateful for the continued support and dedication of our partners, subcontractors, and the local community.

Furthermore, another significant highlight from the past quarter includes Coronation Property’s acquisition of the adjacent site to Ashbury Terraces. This new project, also designed by the esteemed architects at SJB, promises to bring forth additional coveted, top-tier residences to the Ashbury community while respecting the rich heritage conservation of the area.

To watch the full Ashbury Terraces Project Update for Q3-2023, click here, or see below.