Heidi & Victor

Victor and I have been together for 3 years, we’ve both been married previously so Ashbury Terraces will be our first home together – we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve chosen a 2-bedroom apartment with a study which is going to be a beautiful space.  We fell in love with the floor to ceiling windows – they let in all the natural light and without being overlooked or too exposed. 

We were inspired to check out the Ashbury Terraces showroom as it’s very close to Victor’s family home, where he’s lived for over 50 years.   

We were looking for a place to buy and loved the idea of staying in the area, close to family and friends. Victor’s Italian and has a very close, traditional family so having them nearby is very important. 

Ashbury has traditionally been an area without high rise accommodation being zoned for single occupancy homes and businesses – we wanted an apartment and until Ashbury Terraces popped up, we were resigned to choosing something in a different suburb. 

In recent years, with the re-zoning in areas like Lewisham and Petersham, there’s been a huge increase in high rise accommodation which is great in terms of bringing people to the area, but you pay for it in terms of outlook. My current apartment lost its view when another high rise went up right next door – then within a year or two many more sprung up in the area. 

I’m from the UK and in most cities there’s just no way you can live so close to the centre and still get the big views and the local community feel. 

Sean and his team made selecting the apartment easy – the showroom set up included everything we needed, from the overall look and feel of the development to the finer details of fixtures and fittings. Sean was on hand to answer all our questions and the head architect helped us to understand the benefits of all the different spaces.  

There were many things that attracted us to Ashbury Terraces. For one, the reputation of both Coronation and SJB in the industry gave us confidence that the development would reflect top building and design standards.  

Another point was the landscapers, their plans to use mature plants really made a difference to me because we felt it would bring the look and feel of the development together quickly – there won’t be that awkward phase when everything looks a bit bare and cold.  

In terms of place-making Ashbury Terraces ticks all the boxes. It’s close to everything you need, the whole development is light and open but still feels cosy with the communal spaces open and accessible. It’s going to be a perfect space to live and work. 

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