Ella & Scott

We bought a ground floor apartment with Coronation a few months ago. After feeling drained with spending most Saturdays for the last 6 months at unsuccessful auctions – we were stoked with how easy this process was.

We were really drawn to the residences at Ashbury Terraces because we loved the idea of living in the suburbs, close to parks and cafes, but in a premium property. Aesthetically Ashbury Terraces ticks all the boxes for us! The team at Coronation made this process so easy and now we just can’t wait to move in.

After spending a few months going from auction to auction, we found the pricing to be unrealistic for the type of property we were looking at. Scott has spent his whole childhood in Croydon Park and we think Ashbury is a great place to start a family.

The whole look and feel of the build was a huge attraction for us. Being in the suburbs with parks and cafes also made this choice a lot easier for us. The quality and aesthetics of this build really attracted us to this property – we have never seen anything like it.

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