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How Ashbury Terraces Responds to the Local Neighbourhood’s Heritage Charm

May 1, 2022

Ashbury has long been cherished as a suburb known for its tight-knit community.

With its abundant parklands, heritage charm and proximity to Sydney’s CBD, Ashbury combines a vibrant city fringe lifestyle with all the best attributes of neighbourhood living.

Nestled in one of Sydney’s greenest pockets, Ashbury is renowned for its tree-lined streets, Victorian rooftops, manicured gardens, and abundance of parklands that surround the residences, including the fields of Pratten Park and Yeo Park.

Many of the Federation style bungalows are under heritage conservation meaning the character of Ashbury’s streetscapes will be protected for years to come, adding to the list of reasons that make it such a unique and timeless development.

With consideration for Ashbury’s existing local fabric, the evolution of Ashbury Terraces unfolded organically. Coronation Property brought together a team of Sydney’s leading designers from SJB Architects and 360 Degree’s Landscaping to ensure the development was just as charming as the suburb it’s built in.

SJB Architects looked to the area’s parklands and well-defined heritage character to honour its setting, and to build a solid foundation for its evolution, while 360 Degree’s Landscape ensured every green space connected seamlessly to the built environment The architecture of Ashbury Terraces promotes diversity, character, and high amenity, just like its location.

Detailed use of brickwork in the façades creates a synergy between old and new, drawing inspiration from the suburb’s current materiality and creating a familiar yet unique addition to the landscape.

“Our shared vision with Coronation was to create a collection of residences built on community and amenity – a place that truly improves as it ages,” said Adam Haddow, Principal Architect and Director, SJB.

“The suburb of Ashbury has heavily influenced our approach; it is contemporary yet also at one with the surrounding streets and neighbouring parkland. Within such a unique setting, we have the luxury of designing a variety of homes. In that way, we can invite people and families at every stage of life and create a true community,” he added.

With its serene location next to W H Wagener Oval, Ashbury Terraces has been designed to include a new pedestrian walkway to connect Milton St to the park. The oval acts as an extension of the already sizeable backyards while giving the wider community direct access to the park. In addition to an abundance of greenery created through the walkway, the development is centred around ‘The Garden’ – a large communal green space that will feature places for retreat, dining areas, a gym, and large swimming pool.

Ashbury Terraces is within easy reach of everything residents will ever need. Living here means being connected with nature, while having access to leading education, well-connected transport links, thriving cultural scenes, coveted dining spots, gourmet food stores, stylish boutiques, and vibrant lifestyle precincts; at Ashbury Terraces, it’s all just minutes away.

Read the original article as written by Alison Warters for Urban, here.