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May 8, 2023

The Ashbury Terraces development in Ashbury, offers a potential solution to the housing challenges faced by modern cities. Developed by Coronation Property and designed by SJB, the project aims to bring contemporary terraces and apartment blocks to a suburb dominated by detached houses. The key issue for the project is achieving good density that is sustainable, functional, and diverse.

“Ashbury Terraces is about whether you can get some density – some good density, density done well – in a suburb and on a piece of land that was never really designed for anything in particular,” says Adam Haddow, director at SJB.

Simply building more apartment blocks or expanding suburbs will not solve the problem. Instead, the project seeks to create a mixture of uses and typologies that make for a rich and desirable urban fabric.

Diversity is the underlying theme of the philosophy that binds the project together. By eking out small pockets of land and creating thoughtful design solutions, it may be possible to plot a missing middle-density solution to the multiple housing crises in modern cities.

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